Example WinBatch scripts to Automate Windows and Netware Functions.

To use one of these scripts, copy the contents to an editor of your choice, and save the file with a .wbt extentsion. WinBatch is required on your system. You can compile these scripts and distribute them freely to other sites. In order for that to happen you must purchase the compiler from WindowWare.

If you make money on any of these, please remember what you learned in school...
SHARE and SHARE alike :-)

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Keep in mind these scripts are free to try, and you must assume all risk. No warranty implied or stated

Fix Windows for Y2K
Detach and Logout of Netware
Screen Saver to reset Netscape to home url
Create your own Novell Login EXE
Login we use at a dual purpose lab
Start Netscape after checking for other instances
Automatically shutdown Windows at specified time
Install Voyager Clients with your Voyager.ini and Circ.ini
Copy Short Cut Icons from Network to Individual PCs

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