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With Observer you can use a Palm III with a built in laser barcode scanner from Symbol Technologies to scan usage statistics directly into Endeavor Voyager Library System.

You can now download Observer 2005 (Voyager 2001), Build 77 (For Voyager Release 2000) or Build 71 (For Voyager Release 99). Click Here to download

VUGM 2000 Presentation on Observer

Problem FAQ

  • You can also use the barcodes you scanned to print usage statistics reports.
  • Observer it simple, inexpensive, and flexible.
  • You can also use it to to discharge books while the Voyager system is down, or unavailable.
  • Save usage reports as HTML documents.

Observer View Report Screen Shot

Observer Print Report Screen Shot

Observer Documentation

What you need to buy:

One or more Symbol SPT 1500 or 1550 Palm based Barcode Scanner *About $399.00*
If you want the more rugged version the SPT 1700 or 1800 models are available.

One Single Slot Cradle for each PC you want to run Observer.

Download Palm Desktop version 3.03 free from Palm Palm 3.03 Desktop
Palm 3.03 Desktop (as a zip file)
Note, Palm Desktop Version 4 does not currently work with Observer.

Information from Shelley Schultz on Inventory uses for Observer

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Updated: February 24th, 2010