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Creating Item Links From Voyager 7 to Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Step 1: Create isbnSearch.xsl

Example isbnSearch.xsl     Example isbnSearchbn.xsl

isbnSearch.xsl looks for the ISBN from the record and if found it creates a link that displays in the right side page facets display of a specific bib display. In my local isbnSearch.xsl I also create a link that always displays to the local floor plan to find call numbers within the building.

isbnSearchbn.xsl does the same thing but links to Barnes & Noble instead. In both cases I build a url to another local web form that checks the ISBN before redirecting the page to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Step 2: Update displayFacets.xsl

Update displayFacets.xsl at the top for link to isbnSearch.xsl also update the bottom to actual call it.

Example updated displayFacets.xsl

Step 3: Create local scripts to edit ISBN and Redirect to new browser window

Example amazon2.asp script     Example barnesnoble.asp script

amazon2.asp and barnesnoble.asp are locally writing scripts that pulls just the initial ISBN from the bib display, reformats the ISBN to the older style 10 digit ISBN if needed, then opens a new browser windows to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Initially Amazon only used the older style 10 digit ISBN numbers so I kept this same logic when we moved from Voyager 6 to Voyager 7. This way the ISBN could be 10 or 13 digits and I would always make the link using just the 10 digit ISBN.


Copyright Paul Asay 2009