Keys to Understanding the Wisdom and Prophecy of Daniel

Key 1: Daniel and his 3 friends decided early in life not to defile themselves from God, and stayed true to him despite life threatening circumstances

  • Daniel 1:8

Key 2: God was involved in Daniels life and altered circumstances according to his sovereign will.

  • Daniel 1:9

Key 3: Daniel showed wisdom and character from an early age on.

  • Daniel 1:10

Key 4: Daniel and his friends were given special gifts of knowledge and understanding directly from God. Daniel specifically was given the gift of interpreting dreams.

  • Daniel 1:17

Key 5: Nebuchadnezzar was given foreknowledge of the most significant world rulers of which he was one, yet could not interpret this for himself.

  • Daniel 2:1

Key 6: Daniel showed humility when given the knowledge of what the dream was, as well as its interpretation. (false pride is the great downfall of mankind)

  • Daniel 2 20-23

Key 7: From the interpretation of the dream we learn the major powers to be:

  • Head - Babylonian Empire (Nebuchadnezzar)
  • Chest/Arms - Medo-Persian Empire (Cyrus)
  • Belly/Thighs - Greeks (Alexander the Great)
  • Legs/Feet - Roman Empire
  • Toes - Revived Roman Empire (Anti-Christ)

Key 8: Via Daniels life and testimony even the mightiest kings can come to faith in God

  • Letter from Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel chapter 4)

Key 9: Even mighty kingdoms can come to a quick end if God so determines

  • Writing on the Wall (Daniel chapter 5)

Key 10: Even men of great character may find themselves in terrible circumstances, yet if God so desires they will find rescue.

  • Daniel in the Lion's Den (Daniel chapter 6)

Key 11: Daniel is given a second vision of the major world powers including a vision of Jesus and God himself which will lead to the millennial kingdom

  • Daniel 7:1-14

Key 12: Daniel is given a third vision of the major world powers with more detail specifically about Alexander the Great and Antiochus Epiphanes and how long the desolation/desecration will last (3 years)

  • Daniel 8:1-14

Key 13: Daniel studied the scriptures and knew that Israel would be reestablished after 70 years and prayed accordingly.

  • Daniel 9:1-19

Key 14:Daniel was given a specific time-frame for Israel directly from the angel Gabriel as 70 7's grouped as:

  • 7 7's = Time of completion of the 2nd temple
  • 62 7's = Time of Christ to make his triumphant entry (Palm Sunday)
  • Gap between the 69th and 70th week is the time of the Gentiles
  • 1 7 = Time of the Anti-Christ
  • Daniel 9 20-27

Key 15: Daniel receives a forth vision from another angel, or possibly Christ himself

  • Daniel chapter 10
  • 3 more kings (Cambses, Pseudo-Smerdis Darius)
  • 4th king more powerful (Xerxes)
  • King of the South (Ptolemies dynasty) (Egypt and North Africa)
  • King of the North (Seleucid dynasty) (Syria and Mesopotamia)
  • Daniel 11 1-35

Key 16: Daniel in the second part of the forth vision concerns the Anti-Christ and his character traits

  • The Anti-Christ exalts himself only, is a man of war and will be initially successful
  • After 3.5 years he engages in battle with initial victories, but not for long
  • He has trouble from the North and the East which will enrage him
  • He establishes himself in Israel
  • He will come to his end and no one will help him
  • Daniel 11 36-45

Key 17: After the death of the Anti-Christ a resurrection will occur of both the good and the wicked.

  • Daniel 12 1-5


Copyright Paul Asay 2007
Developed for Faith Weavers Sunday School Class
First Baptist Church of North Terre Haute